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Ask Amanda: Pasta Not Pop Tarts

healthy breakfast alternatives

I am not a food blogger, but this is my daughter’s breakfast from Friday and I couldn’t help but photograph it.  She was my inspiration for this week’s Ask Amanda: Pasta not Pop-Tarts. Mornings can be rushed in our house, especially now that school is starting.  I

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Childhood Obesity Linked to Asthma

By Gia Diakakis, MS, RD, LDN, CNSC After working with countless families who face obesity and overweight issues, I thought I thought I thoroughly understood all there was to know about the impact pediatric obesity has on the body. That is, until I ran across this study:

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Specializing in Nutrition for Feeding Tubes

Instinctual in every parent, especially mothers, is a deep-seated desire to feed their children. For parents of children with feeding tubes, this need is just as strong but a lot more complicated. On an average week, I see two to three patients with feeding tubes, and for

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