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Our Feed To Succeed Community allows us to connect with you in different ways. There are several nutrition topics we cover through videos and handouts to help your child eat and live healthier. Please connect with us through webinars and events. We hope you will join us in this Community.

Picky Eating

Expand Your Child’s Diet

Parenting a picky eater can be frustrating. Every meal (and snack) can be frustrating. Get help today from our on-line resources. We’ll provide recipes and tips to expand your child’s diet and make eating a joy.


Learn how these foods can impact your health

FODMAPs are foods that are difficult to digest and can cause discomfort and pain. This is particularly true for people with digestive issues, like IBS. Feed To Succeed can provide you a roadmap for avoiding these foods.

Upcoming Webinar

The Tube Fed Child: What Every Provider Should Know

This training will provide EI providers 1.5 credit hours as they acquire an essential overview of enteral nutrition therapy (tube feeding) in early childhood. Tube feeding can be a lifeline for infant and toddlers who have medical conditions or feeding issues. Providers, across all disciplines, will have the opportunity to learn about tube feeding and how it can impact family dynamics, meal times and the child as a whole. Topics will include types of feeding tubes, how tube feedings are administered (by pump or syringe), tube feeding schedules, formulas and food-based tube feeding regimens. In addition, challenges related to tube feedings and an introduction to tube weaning will be addressed.

This event has been approved for 1.5 Credit Hours through the Early Intervention Training Program (EITP)

$20 per participant

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FODMAPs Course

Sign up for a course that helps parents of kids and teens with IBS learn to manage their IBS symptoms so they can end the pain and suffering of IBS and eat safely and confidently.

Family Nutrition

Guiding Your Family to Eat Healthfully

We all struggle at times to provide healthy meals for ourselves and our children. We have limited time, resources, and knowledge to always make the proper choices around our diets. We provide information that will make it easier for you family to eat nutritious meals.

Teen Sports Nutrition

Helping your Teen Athlete

Teen athletes have special nutrition needs to perform at their best. Our recipes and meal plans will help your teenager achieve maximum return and enjoy their sport in a healthy way.

Upcoming Events

Registration Open!

The Tube Fed Child: What Every Provider Should Know Wednesday, September 30, 2020, 6:30 – 8 p.m.

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"Cow’s milk in a mother’s diet has been associated with a reduced risk of allergy in children, according to fresh research out of Sweden."

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