Family Nutrition

Providing healthy meals for our families isn’t always a piece of cake! Limited time, resources, and nutritional know-how can negatively influence the choices we make when we plan and prepare our meals. Trust us … we’ve all been there! We’ve pulled together information and recipes that will make it easier for your family to prepare and enjoy delicious and nutritious meals.


Kids need more calcium from the age of 9 – 19 years than at any other time throughout life

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Quick and Yummy Breakfast Ideas to Make for Your Toddler

Looking for some quick and yummy breakfast ideas to make for your toddler? Here are some simple breakfast ideas that are full of flavors, textures, and nutrients that you can make at home. These ideas will help your toddler’s plate be more well-balanced and packed with the nutrients

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Food Allergy Awareness Week

What is Food Allergy Awareness Week? May 8th through May 15th, 2022 is Food Allergy Awareness Week! Over 32 million Americans have a serious food allergy, which can impact up to 85 million Americans when you account for all the people who shop for, cook for, and

Free Resources

Kids General Nutrition Handout

Use this guide to learn about general nutrition for your child

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7 Tips for you Kids Nutrition

Post this on your fridge as a reminder to make healthy choices.

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7 General Nutrition Tips for your Teen

Keep your teen eating well with these tips

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Teens General Nutrition Handout

This guide is a useful resource for teens and their parents

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Meal Plans

Example of a daily healthy meal plan for a school-aged child

Breakfast – cheerios, 2% milk, strawberries

LunchPB&J sandwich on whole wheat bread, carrot sticks, grapes, 2% milk

Snack – popcorn

Dinner – rotisserie chicken, oven baked fries, green beans, melon, 2% milk

Bedtime snack – 1 sugar cookie

Additional Resources

Suggested Healthy Cereals

Want to replace chocolate, marshmallows, and sugar in your kids’ cereal bowls? Take a look at these alternatives

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Lower Calorie Fast Food Options

Find yourself at a fast food restaurant? Save a few calories by ordering these instead

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Smoothie Recipes

What a great way to start your day or as a healthy snack

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