Teen Sports Nutrition

Teen athletes have special nutrition needs to perform at their best. Our recipes and meal plans will help your teenager achieve maximum return and enjoy their sport in a healthy way.

Teen Athlete Meal Plan

Breakfast – cheerios, 2% milk, strawberries, hard boiled egg

Lunch – PB sandwich on whole wheat bread, carrot sticks, grapes, 2% milk, Greek yogurt

Afternoon snack – popcorn, string cheese

Dinner – rotisserie chicken, oven baked fries, green beans, melon, 2% milk (“You are not a Short Order Cook”)

Bedtime snack – 2 sugar cookies, 2% milk

Sports Competition Checklist

This guide is a useful resource for teens and their parents

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Healthy Foods That Make IBS Worse

  Download our Low FODMAPs Recipe Kit: https://feedtosucceed.com/fodmap-recipes/   Whoever said “ An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away” didn’t have food-sensitive IBS!   For kids and families who struggle with IBS it can be very frustrating when it seems like they are doing everything right


Whole Grain Banana Waffles or PancakesLove a hot breakfast, but want to feel good about what you ate? This batter can be used for pancakes on a griddle or baked in a waffle iron. The whole grain oats and wheat add fiber and protein, which slows digestion and makes them even more filling and satisfying! The banana adds natural sweetness, and a healthy dose of potassium. Using olive oil keeps the saturated fat low. Great for families trying to reduce constipation, cholesterol, or just looking for a healthier start to the day! Makes 12-16 waffles or pancakes
Oatmeal for KidsNot just for kids! Substituting milk for part of the water in this recipe adds protein and calcium. The protein will keep you fuller for longer, and the calcium is important for developing bones.
Granola, High FiberGranola is fun to make and can be used as snack on its own, or as a topping on yogurt or cereal. The best part is, if you don't like our ingredients, you can substitute and make it your own! Full of protein and fiber, granola can be a healthy part of breakfast or a snack. And this version is 100% natural! Appropriately high in fiber to help manage constipation, and a good source of protein for our athletic kids.
Garlic Infused Olive OilGarlic oil is a great shortcut to add flavor to any savory dish, and can be used even for a low FODMAPs diet! Store the olive oil, covered, in the refrigerator for up to 1 month. The oil may appear cloudy after refrigeration but is still good to use. Can be used in cooking to replace browned garlic in oil, or allow to come to room temperature for 20 minutes if using fresh to drizzle on salads or veggies. * Recipe is easily doubled or tripled - adjust garlic to your taste preference.
Cucumber and Cherry Tomato SaladMy favorite summer garden salad! Light, and refreshing. Keeps well overnight. And my kids love it because they can pick out the things they like and leave the rest! Full disclosure, also delicious with a sliced bell pepper or a cup of freshly blanched green beans.
Chicken TendersThis lighter version of a homemade chicken tender does not use any oil, keeping it low in saturated fat and a healthy twist on a childhood favorite! Great for those looking for protein or heart healthy entree options!
Mac and Cheese with Ham and BroccoliA childhood favorite, and an excellent one-pot meal that provides a protein-punch, a good dose of bone-building calcium, and whole grain and veggies for the fiber and nutrients! Plus, bonus - leftovers for later in the week!