Group Presentations

While we value our on-site, one-on-one consultations with our patients and their families, we love taking our show on the road for informative and fun group presentations.

Chances are good that if your child is struggling with proper nutrition before they gear up for a hockey game, other players on their team are experiencing the same challenges.  And how much of your weekly playgroup is spent sharing stories with other moms about all the foods your children won’t eat?  Don’t settle for the old misery loves company aphorism  – schedule a group presentation with Feed to Succeed!

From a one-off session with a Northshore playgroup or a lunch-and-learn presentation for  allied health professionals, to a multi-week series with a junior high sports teams or graduate students in a related nutrition field, Feed to Succeed’s pediatric nutrition experts can customize a presentation on a variety of nutrition topics that help you  – and your peers – learn and grow together.


Interested in having Feed To Succeed present to your group?