For Healthcare Providers

Physicians and other healthcare providers with questions can contact Feed to Succeed directly at (847)724-8015 or email [email protected] for detailed information.

Patients can be directed to our appointment page and we will contact them directly; or they can call us at (847)724-8015.

We take BCBS PPO, Aetna PPO, UHC/UMR PPO and Humana PPO. We also see patients through the Early Intervention program. Families may choose to pay out of pocket if our services are not covered through their insurance, and will be offered a discount.

Our Local Colleagues

Assential Therapies A multidisciplinary pediatric therapy clinic founded in 2004 with a specialty in Feeding and Swallowing therapy. Offering clinic-based and home-based services.

Amy Zier Tube Feeding Weaning Intensives – Feed to Succeed partners with the Amy Zier team to provide nutritional guidance in conjunction with their Tube Weaning program.

Karen Dilfer – Karen provides: Assistance during tube transitions/tube weans; Planning and implementation of hunger-based tube transitions/tube weans; Support for infants struggling to transition to solids; Support for children with food allergies; Support for children who are very picky eaters or have anxiety surrounding food and mealtimes; Feeding support for children with diagnosed disabilities and developmental challenges

MStreet Pediatric Therapy – Feed to Succeed works in partnership with MStreet to provide Early Intervention full team evaluations when a child presents with nutrition concerns.

The Chicago Center for Evidence Based Treatment – The Chicago Center for Evidence Based Treatment, delivers evidence-based treatments to adolescents and adults. Their team includes experts in the field of eating disorders, anxiety and related disorders.

Helpful Resources

MyPlate (General Healthy Eating)

Infant Formula Preparation and Storage

FARE (Food Allergies)

OLEY Foundation (Tube feeding and IV nutrition support)

Feeding Matters (Support organization for Pediatric Feeding Disorders)

Sports Nutrition

DRI Calculator for Healthcare Professionals