Feed To Succeed Nutrition Services

Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

Picky eating
Sports nutrition
Vegetarian nutrition
Tailored/Focused Parent and/or Child Nutrition education

Growth Concerns

Growth Concerns

Stunted growth

Medically Complex

Medically Complex

Medical conditions/diagnoses
Feeding tubes
Tube weaning
Pureed diet, oral and tube

Allergy and GI

Allergy and GI

Celiac Disease
Food allergies,
Other GI diagnoses

Does My Child Need Nutrition Services?

Answer these questions to help us determine if your child needs nutrition services and how we can best help.


… children who are fed by tube deserve to eat healthy foods too!

… excellent nutrition is the foundation for excellent outcomes.

… that parents know their child best, and are the foundation of the healthcare team.

While healthy nutrition is important for everyone, it’s especially important for growing children and children with special health needs. Feed to Succeed provides pediatric Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) for children up to 20 years of age.  No matter the complexity or simplicity of the nutritional or health challenge that is presented, we partner with our patients to help them reach their full potential and we partner with their families to help them find peace of mind.

In addition to charting our patients’ height and weight during the assessment visit, we invest in learning more about our patients’ previous medical history, their concerns and the family culture and lifestyle. From there, we work together to create realistic goals and a practical care plan to meet their current – and future – health needs.

Tube Weaning Program

Help Your Child Succeed

At Feed to Succeed, we have partnered with hundreds of families to provide guidance regarding How and When it’s time to make a change to the tube feeding plan and begin the weaning process.

“Betsy is very personable! She includes our input to come up with collaborative goals!” –  MT

“Betsy is very knowledgeable and highly skilled in a wide variety of nutritional concerns and problems that children and their families struggle with. I truly value her opinion and couldn’t ask for a better resource and partner when it comes to children’s nutrition. She connects with both children and their parents and truly is invested in their success.” – Jean A. Russo, PNP, Kids First Pediatric Partners, Skokie, IL

“Our session at Feed to Succeed was very helpful. We were provided with practical suggestions that can be implemented easily!” – JG

Our registered dietitians (RD), integrate specialties such as pediatric nutrition support, gastrointestinal services (GI), growth issues, infant nutrition, sports nutrition and lactation with our 60-combined years of clinical expertise to ensure each patient gets the proper nutrition plan to grow and thrive.

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