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What Should a Vegetarian Teen Eat?

What do you do when your teen announces they’ve become a vegetarian? Or a vegan?   Lots of parents wonder whether it’s safe for their child or even if they should let them eat like this at all. Will your grown teen get enough nutrients to stay

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Sports Nutrition for Athletes with Dietary Needs

Sports nutrition is complicated, especially for growing kids and teens. But, what happens when an athlete has food restrictions or needs a special diet?   In today’s video, Betsy explores the fundamentals of sports nutrition, takes a look at how food restrictions challenge the diets of young

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Ask Amanda: Switching breastfed babies to a cup

toddler cup

Switching breastfed babies to a bottle or a sippy cup can be a challenge in the beginning. In this week’s kids’ nutrition Ask Amanda column, pediatric dietitian Amanda Gordon offers some ideas to make the transition easier Dear Amanda, I have an 11-month-old infant who has nursed

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Ask Amanda: Is artificial sweetener okay for breastfeeding

artificial sweeteners safe for breastfeeding

Ask Amanda is a weekly column from Feed to Succeed dietitian Amanda Gordon. Have a question? Email Amanda and let her know or submit an “Ask Amanda” question for a future column. Hi Amanda, I am wondering what is the research on artificial sweeteners and breastfeeding? This is an

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How to Navigate Early Intervention for Nutrition

early intervention

Early Intervention (EI) is a state-run program that provides various services/therapies for children ages 0-3 years. The mission statement is “to assure that families who have infants and toddlers, birth to three, with diagnosed disabilities, developmental delays or substantial risk of significant delays receive resources and supports

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Ask Amanda: Pasta Not Pop Tarts

healthy breakfast alternatives

I am not a food blogger, but this is my daughter’s breakfast from Friday and I couldn’t help but photograph it.  She was my inspiration for this week’s Ask Amanda: Pasta not Pop-Tarts. Mornings can be rushed in our house, especially now that school is starting.  I

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Ask Amanda: Drink More Water

Drink more water

This week’s Ask Amanda is a public service announcement of sorts from your friendly pediatric dietitian. Most of the kids and parents I have worked with this summer are not drinking enough water. Water is important for everyone, including toddlers and kids, especially during the summer months when

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