Pre-School (3-5)

When Is Picky Eating a Nutritional Problem?

Is your child’s picky eating actually a clue to a more serious medical problem? How can a parent tell when picky eating is becoming a health risk? In today’s video, we explore why kids reject particular foods, the different causes of picky eating, and the warning signs

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Ask Amanda: How to Get Kids to Eat Vegetables

In this week’s kids’ nutrition Ask Amanda column, pediatric dietitian Amanda Gordon answers the question: What are good recipes to get vegetables into picky eaters? Following are 6 suggestions, the first being the most important: Suggestion 1: Don’t Trick Them.  Try not to hide vegetables in your child’s meals and

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Diets: Keto, Paleo, Mediterranean, What’s a Kid to Do?

Diets: Keto, Paleo, Mediterranean, What’s a Kid to Do? – Feed to Succeed Podcast Season 3, Episode 8 With so many weight loss plans out there, and so many different opinions and approaches, it can be a sticky situation when a parent is following a diet and

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Ask Amanda: Bigger Kids and Snacks – What’s a Good Choice for On the Go?

snacks on the go for teens

Ask Amanda is a weekly column from Feed to Succeed dietitian Amanda Gordon. Have a question? Email Amanda and let her know or submit an “Ask Amanda” question for a future column. What are some good healthy snacks and foods with protein to have on hand that my teens

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Ask Amanda: Pasta Not Pop Tarts

healthy breakfast alternatives

I am not a food blogger, but this is my daughter’s breakfast from Friday and I couldn’t help but photograph it.  She was my inspiration for this week’s Ask Amanda: Pasta not Pop-Tarts. Mornings can be rushed in our house, especially now that school is starting.  I

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IBS and the FODMAPS Diet

IBS and the FODMAPS Diet – Feed to Succeed Podcast Season 2, Episode 7 Have you or your child been told you have “IBS”? Or do you or your child have ongoing GI symptoms of upset stomach, diarrhea or constipation, reflux, gas and bloating; but every doctor

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