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Baby Led Weaning or Purees: Which is Best for my Child? Ask the Dietitian!

Baby Led Weaning or Purees: Which is Best for My Child? This is an area that is of hot debate in the parenting community to do baby led weaning or purees. Luckily the answer is EITHER or BOTH! Both styles of feeding can support healthy growth and

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Tips to Keep Your Children Hydrated All Summer

Tips for keeping child hydrated in the summer

This post discusses tips to keep your children hydrated all summer. Is getting your kids to drink water in the summer a struggle? Learn how to help your kids stay hydrated all summer long with these fun tips. 1. Make Water Visible: Your child will likely drink

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Gaining Weight for Sports

In this blog, Feed to Succeed sports dietitian goes over gaining weight for sports. It’s a common phrase you may have heard from your teen athlete: “I want to bulk up.” As teens begin to grow in their skills and passion for their sport, they naturally want

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Dietitian Nutrition Tips for National Nutrition Month 2022®

In this blog post, we go over Dietitian nutrition tips for National Nutrition Month 2022®. When you think of March, you may think of spring, St. Patrick’s Day, or temperamental midwestern weather, but did you know March is National Nutrition Month®? Each year, nutrition professionals use this

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How to Talk to your Kids About Poop

Do you talk to your kids about poop? It’s a tricky subject, but it’s important to be able to talk about digestive health.   In today’s video, Betsy explains why you need to ask your kids about their digestion, how to have the conversation, when to know

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Ask the Dietitian: How to Get Kids to Eat Vegetables

In this week’s kids’ nutrition Ask Amanda column, pediatric dietitian Amanda Gordon answers the question: What are good recipes to get vegetables into picky eaters? Following are 6 suggestions, the first being the most important: Suggestion 1: Don’t Trick Them.  Try not to hide vegetables in your child’s meals and

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