Tips to Keep Your Children Hydrated All Summer

Tips for keeping child hydrated in the summer

This post discusses tips to keep your children hydrated all summer. Is getting your kids to drink water in the summer a struggle? Learn how to help your kids stay hydrated all summer long with these fun tips.

1. Make Water Visible:

Your child will likely drink more water throughout the day if they see it. Place water for them all around your house. Place a pitcher of water in the kitchen they can pour into available cups or serve them water with meals.

2. Make it Special:

Buy your child a special cup or bendy straw so it is something they look forward to. Purchase a cup just for them. They will seek out their special cup regardless of what is in it. Have your child pick out a reusable water bottle at a store. They are environmentally friendly and kid-friendly.

3. Make it Taste Good:

Some kids don’t like the taste of water. You could mix three parts with water with one part of their favorite fruit juice. Mix water with fruits like lemons, oranges, and strawberries. Have your child help and pour the fruit into the pitcher and mix it all together. Fill your ice trays with cut-up fruit. Your kids can eat the fruit when the ice melts.

4. Make Homemade Popsicles:

Mix fruit juice and water and freeze it in a mold or tray with a popsicle stick. This cold treat also helps beat that summer heat.

5. Make it Refreshing:

Add ice to water on a hot summer day which can make your kids want to drink it more. If you are out and about, bring ice cubes, thermostat mugs, or cooling packs to keep the water cold and refreshing.

Signs of Dehydration

These are signs that your child is dehydrated:

-Dry or sticky mouth

-Very little or no tears when crying

-Eyes that look sunken into their head

-Sunken soft spot on a baby’s head

-Lack of urine for 12 hours in older kids, or a very small amount of dark yellow urine

-Lack of urine or wet diapers for 6 to 8 hours in younger children, or a very small amount of dark yellow urine

-Cool, dry, wrinkled skin





-Rapid and deep breathing

If you still need more information about keeping your baby or child hydrated, schedule an appointment with one of our Feed to Succeed dietitians today.