Tips for Increasing Variety in Kids Lunches

This blog post discusses tips for increasing variety in kids lunches brought to you by a pediatric dietitian. Has your child eaten the same lunch since the beginning of the school year? Learn how to prevent that brown bag boredom from serving the same lunch every day and not having your child eat it. Your child needs the nutrition to grow and you want to prevent their lunch from going to waste. Here are some tips to help your child eat their packed school lunches.

Get your Child Involved in Planning their Lunch:

Plan out school lunches for the week with your child and if able, have them pack their own lunch. If kids choose what they eat and invest the time, they will be more likely to be interested and eat what they packed.

Try New Foods:

Have your child go to the grocery store to help pick out what they want to put in their lunch. Have them pick out new fruits and vegetables to provide variety in their diet and essential vitamins and minerals. This will promote an interest in trying new foods and prevent your child from eating the same foods every day.

Kids Love to Dip:

Make food fun by providing dips for the foods they pick out at the store. Some examples are cut-up fruit and yogurt, peanut butter, hummus, or Nutella. You could have your child pick out different colors of vegetables or crackers and give them hummus/bean dips, guacamole, ranch dressing, or cheese. These dips also provide extra calories to help your child grow.

Alter Up the Typical Sandwich:

Use other bread such as whole-grain pitas, whole grain crackers, or English muffins. Tortillas or lettuce wraps are fun nutritious lunch options that aren’t the classic sandwich using two pieces of bread.

Have your Child Pick Out a Fun Lunch Box or Container:

A fun print or your child’s favorite superhero will make them excited to open their lunch box. Just remember an insulated lunch box or food container permits your child to pack hot or cold food items and can add more variety to their lunch.

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