Feed to Succeed Podcast: Choosing to breastfeed or bottle feed

Baby cows drink cow’s milk; baby goats drink goat’s milk; baby camels drink camel’s milk; baby humans drink… breast milk? Join Betsy and Jen in a discussion with Amanda Gordon, lactation consultant and infant nutrition expert, to learn more about choosing how to feed your baby with formula or breast milk, as well as a thought provoking insight to why we call human milk breast milk. 

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Learn more about our lactation services from our dietitian and IBCLC Amanda Gordon.

Podcast Season 4: Infant Nutrition

Welcome back to our fourth series of podcasts with our hosts, Betsy and Jen! They are excited to share their knowledge and experience feeding infants, beginning this episode with their personal stories regarding how each host came to feed their own first child, and the difficulties, struggles and challenges that took each mom down a different path. Don’t miss your opportunity to connect and hear how each mom’s decision to feed human milk or formula is the best choice for her infant.

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