Gluten free cookbook

Gluten Free Cookbook Meal Plans, Recipes and More

Whether you or your child just started eating gluten free, or whether you’re already a pro, our new gluten free diet cookbook contains everything you need to know for healthy, balanced gluten free meals.

The interactive tablet and phone-friendly cookbook contains meal plans, recipes, tips for gluten free living and nutrition facts. What sets this book apart from other GF cookbooks on the market is the expert advice and detailed meal plans from our pediatric registered dietitian, Betsy Hjelmgren.

The Gluten Free Diet is designed to fully meet the recommendations for calories, protein, calcium, iron, and other vitamins/minerals for each age group by using real, wholesome food. Following the meal plans completely will eliminate the need for additional vitamin supplementation for most children, with the exception that all children need extra vitamin D, since it is not widely available in foods we eat. We recommend that children on gluten free diets also take a thiamine supplement.

The cookbook includes three weeks of detailed meal plans, balanced and kid-friendly recipes and tips for gluten free eating. Available for Amazon Kindle Fire®, Apple iPad®, Android devices, and Mac or PC computers. Cookbook is a Fixed-layout ebook, and a PDF is available upon request. Email with any questions.

Announcing Our First Cookbook

We are very excited to be “cooking up” our first Feed to Succeed cookbook this summer, developing a gluten free cookbook for kids that will be published online in late summer or early fall.

Sweet potato fries

Sweet potato fries

Thanks to our intern, Lynette Becker, our meal plans are becoming an actual cookbook, making healthy eating with Feed to Succeed easier than ever. Lynette has been pouring over the meal plan recipes, making them all in order to taste them, tweak them and finally photograph them. We’ve been enjoying our share of taste testing in the office as well!

Gluten free chicken fingers

Gluten free chicken fingers

The cookbook is a natural offshoot of our meal plans. We currently offer meal plans for Kids’ and Toddlers’ Nutrition, High Fiber, Dairy Free, Adolescent Sports Meals, Six Food Allergen Free and Vegetarian.

These meal plans were a natural offshoot of seeing years of clients overwhelmed by new diagnoses. By the time we see a new client, children have often gone through a battery of tests, and the family has recently received a new diagnosis that will affect every meal for the rest of their child’s life. With these clients, we go through a long list of dos and don’ts, and then families are left wondering exactly what they should be making for dinner. The relief that families feel when we then offer a meal plan is apparent every time. We hope that a cookbook will make an even greater impact.

Stay tuned!