How to do a low FODMAPS diet!

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Lots of kids  struggle with frequent gas, bloating, diarrhea, heartburn, and constipation. Often, they’ve become afraid to eat. They realize foods make their symptoms flare up, but don’t know why or what foods set them off. One day, they do fine with apples or pizza. But the next time they have that food, they’re in misery again.


For most of these kids, the cause is food sensitivity, fermentable carb intolerance, or even Irritable Bowel Syndrome. How can you know if this is the cause of your child’s digestive issues? There’s an easy scientific experiment. And it’s one you and your child can do on your own, without any equipment or procedures. 


It’s the FODMAPs Elimination Diet. This experiment is going to get you feeling better, help you discover more about your body, and give you more control over your IBS symptoms. 


To do an elimination diet, the key is trying to the eliminate foods that are the root of the symptoms. During the FODMAPs elimination diet, you will cut out broad groups of foods that are known to be frequent sources of digestive problems. This allows your digestive system to “clear out”, and at the same time your IBS symptoms will subside. After you’ve eliminated FODMAPs for a few weeks, you can then test different types of foods to see which ones prompt reactions.