Low FODMAPs Snacks: The Best and Worst Things to Eat for the Low FODMAPs Diet

Apples? Crackers? Cheese? No, no, and no. Finding healthy, low-FODMAPs snacks is hard. Mindless snacking is a guaranteed way to mess up a low-FODMAPs diet and set off IBS symptoms. 


In today’s video, Betsy explains the dangers of careless snacking, why snacks and meals affect the gut differently, and how to set yourself up for success on The Low FODMAPs Diet.


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Snacking on a low FODMAPS diet can undermine the best of plans and self-discipline if not done properly. Since a low FODMAPs diet is not a FODMAP-free diet, it might seem like maybe just a snack or nibble of a high-FODMAP food once in a while wouldn’t hurt anything. But, nothing could be further from the truth!