Anti-Inflammatory Diet – Day 23

anti-inflammatory diet

Join Chicago-area pediatric dietitian Betsy Hjelmgren and her husband, David, as they venture on their own nutrition journey this August. Their vlog contains all the laughs, fun banter and tips you would expect from a great couple attempting a restrictive diet rollercoaster. Tune in as Betsy learns to truly appreciate the difficulties clients and families face when embarking on a new diet with nothing but a few handouts and some encouragement from others!

In this episode, Betsy discusses the progress of her aches and pains, wondering if maybe the anti-inflammatory diet is having a positive effect. 

David enjoyed the salmon on the grill tonight, marinated in a tasty Champagne vinaigrette from Dress It Up Dressing, samples provided by a college friend who has been tuning in to the video blog!


  • coffee with half-and-half
  • smoothie – plain yogurt, frozen berries, banana, 2% milk
  • plain oatmeal
  • dates


  • mixed green salad (greens, cucumber, tomato, turkey breast, hardboiled egg, pecans, blue cheese, olive oil)
  • strawberries
  • dates


  • champagne vinaigrette marinated salmon
  • Japaneses style fried brown rice
  • Greek Horiatiki salad
  • Caprese salad
  • red wine


  • homemade no-sugar-added 72% cocoa chocolate ice cream


  • Betsy – 2,379 calories, 110g protein (and 200g carb)

Send your anti-inflammatory diet or any pediatric nutrition questions or comments our way! Let’s chat!