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Does variety in my child’s diet matter?

Does variety in my child’s diet matter? Feed to Succeed Registered Dietitians answer why variety matters and their tips to increasing variety in the diet. Supplements Do Not Replace What Can Come from Food:  Does variety in my child’s diet matter? “While it can be easy to

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Ask the Dietitian: How to Get Kids to Eat Vegetables

In this week’s kids’ nutrition Ask Amanda column, pediatric dietitian Amanda Gordon answers the question: What are good recipes to get vegetables into picky eaters? Following are 6 suggestions, the first being the most important: Suggestion 1: Don’t Trick Them.  Try not to hide vegetables in your child’s meals and

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Ask Amanda: Why Do Kids Need Fruit and Veggies

Do kids need to eat fiber

Why do kids need to eat both fruits and vegetables? If my child prefers one over the other, is that okay? Find out in this week’s “Ask Amanda,” column. Ask Amanda is our weekly virtual Q and A forum brought to you by Feed to Succeed’s expert

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Ask Amanda: Getting Kids to Eat Fruit

getting kids to eat fruit

This week, in lieu of answering a question, I thought I would share our fruit tree. In our practice, we meet many picky eaters and their parents. There are many reasons why children become picky eaters. Regardless the reason, sometimes as parents, we resort to the foods

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