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Anti-Inflammatory Diet – Day 4

Join Chicago-area pediatric dietitian Betsy Hjelmgren and her husband, David, as they venture on their own nutrition journey this August. Their vlog contains all the laughs, fun banter and tips you would expect from a great couple attempting a restrictive diet rollercoaster. Tune in as Betsy learns to truly appreciate the difficulties clients and families face when embarking on a new diet with nothing but a few handouts and some encouragement from others!

Day 4 of the Anti-Inflammatory diet was a bit better than day 3. We are learning some tricks. For one thing, I (Betsy) made a big brunch with scrambled eggs, fruit salad, and a flourless banana muffin (inspired by the SIL of my SIL), which was a very good vehicle for peanut butter, and helped meet calorie needs better for David. Then we were out to dinner for the first time since starting the diet, and needed to figure out what to eat, as well as watch other people eat things we wanted to enjoy – particularly difficult for David, as he hasn’t experience that before and was dying over the bread, his fav. I have been under my daily calorie goal the past two days. Not feeling any hunger though. Maybe a side-effect of the low carbs involved. However, I actually may need to cut down on my weekend exercise routine, because I could really feel the low energy while trying to go for a run this morning. What a conundrum…


  • Banana Oat Bran Muffins topped with a little peanut butter
  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Fresh fruit (sliced peaches, strawberries and blueberries)

Dinner (Italian Restaurant)

  • Steak, mashed potatoes, asparagus (David)
  • Caesar salad w/no dressing or croutons (David)
  • Spinach, grilled chicken salad (Betsy)
  • Wine


  • Homemade frozen strawberry yogurt
  • Dark Chocolate – 72% Cocoa
Overnight Green Tea – 5 tea bags, 2 quarts water, at room temp overnight

Daily Total

Betsy – 2,523 calories, 109g protein

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