Our Official F2S Chef

Lynette Becker, who joined Feed to Succeed this summer as an intern, soon became our official chef. Working tirelessly to develop our first F2S cookbook from our meal plans, Lynette’s little kitchen has become an official bloggers’ test kitchen.

For Lynette, cooking has always been her passion. Prior to working at UIC on her degree to become a registered dietitian, Lynette ran a bed and breakfast in Arizona where she made breakfast and dinner daily. For as long as she can remember, says Lynette, “I’ve always been looking at recipes and doctoring them up.”

Lynette also worked in a health food store, specializing in allergy-friendly foods, which sparked her interest in helping people eat healthier. There, says Lynette, people would come in with all sorts of food issues. Lynette started researching how one qualifies to become a nutritionist and found that anyone can call themselves “nutritionist.” What she needed was a degree to become an RD. “That was science-based and research-based, and that’s what I wanted.”

On this summer off from classes, Lynette has been shadowing Betsy in the office, in addition to working on the cookbook. She says Betsy has an ability to make diets that are really strict seem manageable. “Where I used to see people in the healt food shop look like deer in headlights with list of foods they can’t eat, Betsy’s empowering them with foods they can eat.”

She goes on to say, “The meal plan is such a gift. It’s not just recipes but showing people how to put them together. This is going to lighten the load for families.”

Stay tuned for our first online F2S Cookbook, focusing on gluten free recipes in the coming weeks!