How to Encourage Healthy Eating Through the Holidays

The holidays are here! That means lots of celebrations, busy schedules, school breaks, and favorite holiday treats. Keep reading for tips about how to encourage healthy eating through the holidays.

1. Involve kids in the kitchen.

Let them help you pick a holiday recipe, prepare, and cook the food. There are many age-appropriate ways kids can help. This can help get them excited to try new foods and is fun for the whole family.


2. Provide fruits and vegetables with every meal.

It’s easy to forget about this with all the holiday foods available, but it’s important to remember to include healthy foods to provide essential nutrients and keep everyone feeling their best!


3. Enjoy holiday treats in moderation.

The holidays go hand in hand with delicious food and yummy treats that should be enjoyed! Allow yourself and your kids to enjoy treats guilt-free, while still including healthy foods in your diet.


4. Bring a healthy dish to holiday parties.

This will ensure there is at least one healthy option available and is a great way to introduce healthy foods to family and friends.


5. Make a healthy version of your favorite holiday dish.

There are so many healthy options for substituting ingredients in the recipe and your dish will still taste great–maybe even better!


6. Keep healthy snacks readily available.

This is a great way to have a nutrient-dense option ready when it’s snack time and can avoid grabbing prepackaged snacks that can be full of sugar.


7. Maintain a normal eating schedule.

With the kids home on holiday break, schedules can get more relaxed or even more hectic. Staying on a regular meal and snack schedule helps to create a healthy relationship with food and provides a sense of security.


8. Be a healthy role model.

The more your kids see you eating healthy foods, the more likely they are to do the same! This is a great opportunity to teach mindfulness around eating, how to enjoy treats in moderation, and how to choose healthy foods.

How do you plan to make your holiday season a little healthier this year?