GI Help for Autism

So often I come across patients who I only meet briefly because we are able to resolve their issues in only one (or a few) visits. A few months ago, I met a 3-year-old patient on the autism spectrum, who was suffering from GI problems. I recommended adjusting her intake of fructose and sent her and her mother off, saying, “I hope I never see you again in the office because we resolve your daughter’s issue.” Indeed, that’s exactly what happened, and I was so grateful to hear this week from her mother:

My 3-year-old daughter is on the autism spectrum and was having major GI issues – primarily long bouts of diarrhea.  You reviewed her food diaries and advised us to remove sugar alcohols and limit fructose. When you left you joked that you hoped to never see us again (because your advice worked so well). I just wanted to let you know that you changed my little girl’s life (in all seriousness, she was miserable from the cramps and skin effects of her diarrhea and her sleep was also interrupted quite often as well). I just wanted to thank you. In the past week I have given your name out twice and figured that I should let you know how much we appreciated your time and advice! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Thank you, Kathleen, for sharing your results with me. I am so grateful to hear when our patients are doing well! To anyone else who would like to let us know how you’re doing, share your experience by emailing You can also leave a review on Google+ or our Facebook page.