Patient Testimonials

“After sharing my challenges with Betsy, she was able to map out a meal plan that was nutritional, realistic and completely possible! Prior to meeting with Betsy, I was literally at a loss as to how to plan nutritious meals.  I was constantly making concessions and not being consistent with the food choices I was giving my children.

To put it simply, Betsy empowered me to make good nutritional choices for my children.  Betsy has followed up several times after our initial meeting and responded quickly to all of my questions.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Betsy!  She is a mom (so she “gets it”).  She listens and really hears what is going on… ”

Danna H. Chicago, IL

Working with Gia has been an amazing experience. She is so patient and offers a wonderful objective vantage point when offering advice. My 1 year old has always been on the smaller side and is a picky eater – we worked through her diet along with what a kid her age should be eating. Gia offered guidance and tips in ways I could have never imagined. The best part is, I feel like she is just as invested in my daughter’s progress as I am. She takes the time out to listen to my concerns and addresses them one by one. She is a great dietitian and I would recommend her to anybody in a heartbeat!

Karina G.

“I’ve met with Betsy several times about my son, who was diagnosed with failure to thrive and developmental delays. He had many struggles with eating, and by the time I saw her I was setting the alarm every 2 hours to wake him up to eat. I was exhausted, and he was still losing weight. Eventually, he needed a feeding tube for a few months to help him catch up. Every visit with Betsy was tremendously reassuring, and filled with very practical guidance to help navigate a scary and stressful time. I finished every visit saying to myself ‘OK, I can do this!’. My son is now on the growth curve for the first time in his life, and thriving. No more feeding tubes, no special formulas, just a happy, healthy guy with a great appetite.”

Maura C.Chicago, IL

“From the moment my son was born, I felt like there was a lot of measuring and ranking….”what weight?, what height?, what percentile is he?”  As a first time mom, it was a little overwhelming and also worrisome, as my son was always low on the charts – or sometimes off them.  Despite that, he was a totally happy and healthy kid – he just didn’t eat much.  I consulted Betsy when he was 2 because I was worried about him being underweight.  Besides providing great strategies for a very picky eater, she helped me enormously with understanding the appropriate growth markers for kids, and eased my worries about how my son measured relative to other kids.   She even encouraged me to do some tests which revealed he needed more iron and vitamin D.  My son is now 5 and 1/2 – still a skinny guy but doing great – and we continue to check in with Betsy for eating tips and nutrition information on a regular basis.

While my pediatrician is great and extremely capable, I have found that consulting Betsy for her nutrition expertise has really been a valuable additional resource in taking care of my child.  I would definitely recommend Feed to Succeed to any parent, whether your child has a nutrition problem, or if you just want to educate yourself about healthy eating for you and your child!”

Janet M.Glenview, IL

“My 2½ year old son Sam is an extremely picky eater.  I contacted Betsy in desperation as the list of things he was willing to eat consisted of primarily chicken nuggets and junk food.  Betsy provided exactly the direction that I needed – that I needed to focus on making healthy well-balanced meals for the entire family and serving them to Sam – and then taking the pressure off of him by letting him decide what he wanted to eat.  Betsy was supportive but firm which was exactly what I needed.  Since meeting with Betsy, Sam has added several new foods and I feel much more confident about my approach to meal time.”

Amy P.Crystal Lake, IL

“I am a 29 year old male who was recently diagnosed with diabetes. I have always been overweight.  I contacted Betsy and set up a meeting; I really appreciate how caring and helpful she was.  I found out that there sure is a lot to know about how to lose weight and the correct way to do it, and her advice has been the key to my weight loss.  In the last month I’ve lost over 17 pounds, and I’m losing more every week.  I would like to say thank you to Betsy for helping me through this difficult time in my life.  I couldn’t have done it without her expertise and wonderful help.”

Joe C.Chicago, IL

“Eating wise, my daughter has been struggling with the adjustment to the short lunch time at kindergarten- one day she came home dizzy from a lack of food. I happened to mention that to a classmate’s mom on the school playground and it turned out she is a certified specialist in pediatric nutrition. Her consultation for my daughter provided thoughtful, thorough, and realistic recommendations. It’s been a month since then, and though continued vigilance is needed, the eating situation has improved. The nutritionist’s name is Betsy Hjelmgren, and her practice is called Feed To Succeed. If you’re looking for nutritional guidance for someone in your family, I’d suggest giving Betsy a call.”

Julie S.Chicago, IL

“My husband and I originally contacted Betsy with Feed To Succeed because we were scheduled for an appointment at the nutrition center at Children’s Memorial but felt we could not wait to get in there and it seemed a bit inconvenient.  We wanted to get information and an analysis for our daughter who is [less than the fifth percentile] for height and weight and whom we worry about when it comes to eating.  Betsy was not only EXTREMELY convenient because she came out to our house but she was also available to meet with us within the week that I called.  She analyzed our daughter and provided us with tons of options for foods to eat and ways to improve not only Sloan’s food options but also encouraged us to following some eating guidelines which have truly been helpful.  Betsy even laid out a schedule for us to try.  Her information, availability, knowledge, professionalism, and understanding nature (she has children of her own) was exceptional.  I would highly recommend Feed to Succeed to anyone with dietary concerns.”

Lindsey B.Glenview, IL

My 3-year-old daughter is on the autism spectrum and was having major GI issues – primarily long bouts of diarrhea.  You reviewed her food diaries and advised us to remove sugar alcohols and limit fructose. When you left you joked that you hoped to never see us again (because your advice worked so well). I just wanted to let you know that you changed my little girl’s life (in all seriousness, she was miserable from the cramps and skin effects of her diarrhea and her sleep was also interrupted quite often as well). I just wanted to thank you. In the past week I have given your name out twice and figured that I should let you know how much we appreciated your time and advice! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

KathleenChicago, IL

“You LITERALLY saved my sanity at meal time!”
“I LOVE the meal plan idea and the pricing is very affordable.”
“Your plan that you gave me is SO manageable and doable!”

Danna H.Chicago, IL

Betsy has changed our life over the last two+ years! She helped us get to the root of our then 5-year-old’s constant diarrhea, stomach aches and slower growth (dairy intolerance). Betsy is a confident, professional dietitian that in our case knew more than some of his doctors. She has an excellent bedside manner and knows her stuff! The fact that she is a mom herself always put me at ease as well, and I think it makes her more approachable. Simply put, Betsy is amazing! Thank you, thank you!

Stephanie G. Chicago, IL

Amanda has been a savior during my breastfeeding journey! I had a really rough time at the beginning and if it weren’t for her expertise as a lactation consultant and suggested solutions I probably would have given up months ago. She listened to all of my issues, helped me calm down and relax, and gave me solutions that worked. She helped me let go of some of the pressure I was feeling to ‘do it right’ and helped me realize I was doing a-ok. I felt so supported and learned so much from her. I’m heading into my 4th month feeding my little guy and I seriously could not have done it without her. Thank you Amanda and Feed to Succeed!

Chris and Sarah