Nutritionist Insurance

Our nutrition services are fully or partially covered by insurance for the majority of our patients. Although we are out-of-network at this time with all major insurance carriers, we use a billing office to process insurance claims on behalf of our patients and families. We make the insurance claim process as simple as possible for families, and the majority of our families do receive partial to full reimbursement for services if nutrition is covered under their health insurance plan.

Please note the type of nutrition coverage you have will depend on your specific plan contracted by your employer.

To determine if nutrition services are covered, you will need to contact your insurance provider and ask if your specific plan includes benefits for Medical Nutrition Therapy, billed under code 97802 and 97803. Benefits may be defined, but not limited to, deductibles, co-pays and co-insurance.  Please contact us if you have more questions about your benefits, and our staff will direct you.

At the time of your visit, you will not be responsible for payment.  We will first submit your charges to your insurance company.  Dependent upon your coverage, you will receive a bill if there is a balance.  All bills paid within 14 days are eligible for a discount. If you have further questions, please contact our billing department at (224) 406-9689.