Lactation Consulting

92% of all mothers report breastfeeding concerns just three days after giving birth — typically a full day after they’ve already been sent home from the hospital or birthing center! Feed to Succeed eliminates the mystique and fear from breastfeeding by providing new mothers with the information, strategies and support they need to continue breastfeeding successfully at home or at the office.

Both a lactation consultant and registered dietitian, Amanda Gordon knows that one breastfeeding plan does not fit all. Amanda works one-on-one with clients to create personalized strategies so that new mothers get the support they need to meet their individual breastfeeding goals.  Concerns Amanda addresses include (but are rarely limited to!):

  • Latching
  • Comfort
  • Milk transfer and supply
  • Pain
  • Pumping
  • Calming a fussy baby
  • Nutrition for preemies, NICU graduates and infants with feeding tubes
  • Food allergies and intolerances in breastfed babies
  • Quality and quantity of breastmilk
  • Weight gain and growth
  • Supplementing

Please visit our FAQ section for information on home visits and to learn more about how your insurance company handles lactation services.

Have you ever wondered if your baby is getting enough nutrients from your breastmilk?

Feed to Succeed has the capability of measuring the fat and calorie content of breastmilk with our Creamatocrit machine. We also use a precise scale for a weighted feed so we can determine both the quality and the quantity of the breastmilk your baby is getting.

Please visit our Creamatocritpage if you’d like to learn more breastmilk analysis as well as how to submit a sample.

Breastmilk and Daycare: Not just how much, but how

“Amanda helped me let go of some of the pressure I was feeling to ‘do it right’ and helped me realize I was doing ‘a-ok’! I felt so supported and learned so much from her.” – SW