Culinary Coaching

While we work to keep our patients’ nutrition plans practical, sometimes a new diet can feel overwhelming to Mom and Dad. Feed to Succeed’s Culinary Coaching helps patients’ transform a meal plan into a real plan by taking a peek inside their fridge and pantry to identify the good, the bad and the … questionable. Then we head to the grocery store for a hands-on experience in picking the best options to meet their specific nutritional goals.

“Christine & her team went above and beyond for my family. We met a few times and decided my greatest area of need is in the grocery store. Christine met my 4-year old daughter & myself at a local grocery store. She walked around with us and helped me choose better options of my desired foods. Christine involved my daughter as much as she could, giving her a choice of what she’d be interested in eating. I look forward to continuing this relationship. This was a positive, successful stop for my family!” – HZ

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Not a Feed to Succeed client, but you’d love to know what you’re doing right and what you could be doing better in your own kitchen?  Contact us to set up a consultation – we’re happy to help!

Many insurance plans accept our culinary coaching service as a Nutrition Consultation. For those that don’t, we can provide the service at our hourly rates.


Although weight can be a measurable piece of data used to assess progress, our real focus is on health.

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