Covid-19 and Your Upcoming Appointment

March 15, 2020

The safety and security of the families we serve, including both our patients and our care providers, are our top priority. We expect rapid changes and updates to continue to guide our patient care decisions.

To that end, we have made the difficult decision to suspend face-to-face patient consultations beginning today and through March 30th, at which time we will re-evaluate the information and situation, and update our plan of action.

We are offering all of our clientele the opportunity to meet with us by Zoom in a virtual-appointment. If you have an upcoming visit scheduled, you will receive an email within 24-48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time with instructions on how to join us virtually. read more

Serving Our Patients and Families in New Ways Through Telehealth

As a pediatric dietitian, daily interactions with amazing children and their wonderful families is the best part of our practice.  Walking into a home visit, greeted by a hug or watching a family walk into our office with good news about how nutrition changes have helped make their child feel better is the best.  This is not happening right now.  We miss our patients and families. 

Yesterday, as we sat on our virtual staff meeting, this really started to get to me.  I was thinking about all we can’t do as providers right now.  What is missing.  It made me grumpy and really got me down.  However, I decided I needed to reframe my thinking.  I started thinking about the telehealth that I have been providing over the past eight weeks.  I thought about how it is changing how we practice.  And, many good things started to come to mind.  read more

Melanie Battaglia, RD

Quarantine Cooking: Episode 2

Chopping a Bell Pepper
Melanie Battaglia, RD

Quarantine Cooking: Episode 1

Cutting an onion
Meeting growth needs

COVID-19 Update!

Exciting news that all of our nutrition-covered BCBS Illinois patients are now eligible to receive nutrition services via telehealth! All the Feed to Succeed dietitians are available to provide new and follow up nutrition visits via Zoom. We are here to keep you healthy and eating well, even during this difficult time. Call the office to schedule your appointment, (847) 724-8015.

Tubie Talk

By: Amanda Gordon, RD, LDN, IBCLC and Dan Frazier, RDN-AP, CNSC

Parents feel fulfilled when they feed their children healthy foods.  Foods that are fresh, colorful and taste good.  Foods sourced from quality ingredients.  Food that are less processed and contain fiber and other nutrients that make our bodies work well.  Foods that provide energy.

There is an important movement afloat in the nutrition world and a growing body of scientific evidence that supports the idea that children with feeding tubes should eat real food too.  Tasty, nutrient-dense, colorful food.  The same food that their parents eat.  The same food that other children eat.  read more

Milk – Cow, Soy, Almond, and More! How to Choose, with Amanda

Join Betsy and Amanda for an in-depth and informative discussion on milk, milk-substitute, and nutrition. What is the best option for you and your family? Why does almond milk seem to have more calcium than cow’s milk (but really doesn’t!) Is cow, almond, or soy better? Or is cow’s milk really an acceptable healthy choice? All these answers, plus more are awaiting you in this info-packed episode!

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Sports Nutrition with Teams Elite Teen Athletes – An Interview

How does a team of elite athletes fuel themselves before practice? What about after practice? And what do they do for hydration? These five teens joined our program during an energetic carpool, on the way to a distant practice, to bring you their tips and favorite foods for fueling for their sport. Listen in for different perspectives and ideas, and see if there is something you can try for yourself!

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Healthy New Year 2020 – January 5

After a great 2 days of 2020, Betsy and David once again slipped off plan during a quick 48 hour trip to Boston, with little time for sleep and limited access to healthy, unprocessed food. Having difficulty managing food choices away from home? Here is what was easy… and hard over the weekend. And then what? Watch to hear their progress and plan for getting back on track this week.

Healthy New Year 2020!

Are you ready to feel great? Feeling motivated to start fresh in 2020? David and Betsy are welcoming in the new year with a healthy eating reset! Foods that reduce inflammation are on the menu, with a focus on fruits and veggies and omega-3’s! Don’t know what that means, but want to know more? Tune in to our vlog over the next few weeks for more details. Think you might want to give it a try? Betsy and David are getting geared up to introduce an interactive opportunity for you to join when the new Feed to Succeed website launches, coming soon 2020! read more