Meet Rebekah Langford

Our Feed to Succeed family is growing! We welcomed several registered dietitians to our practice to help with our growing number of early intervention clients. This month, we are excited to introduce Rebekah Langford to our team. We love working with Rebekah and think you and your kids will too.

Rebekah joined our team in recent months, taking on many patients for Gia Diakakis, who is on maternity leave. She just received her certification for seeing early intervention clients and is now working with those patients as well.

Working with kids in particular as an RD, says Rebekah, means that she is surrounded by colleagues who are typically more positive and upbeat. That certainly describes Rebekah.

When not working at F2S, Rebekah works in two outpatient clinics: Preventive Cardiology and a clinic sponsored by Muscular Dystrophy Association that treats neuromuscular diseases, such as spinal muscular atrophy, Duchenne’s, congenital myopathy. The remainder of her time is spent providing inpatient coverage to a variety of areas/services, including the cardiac intensive care unit, NICU, pediatric surgery and general medicine at Lurie Children’s Hospital. She often sees overlap among her patients at Lurie and the patients at F2S.

As a kid, Rebekah was already hard at work cooking

As a kid, Rebekah was already hard at work cooking

Rebekah’s interest in nutrition began in college when she was initially studying to become a pastry chef. She instead directed her passion for baking and cooking to study in a culinary nutrition program at Johnson & Wales University. Her interest in food, culture and cuisine is something she uses every day with patients and families. Rebekah says it is this interest that gives her an edge in her work with families. “I understand that you have to work with people within their culture. I ask what they are eating and then discuss how we can alter that to be helpful in managing their health.”

Working with kids is especially meaningful for Rebekah. “What we do impacts the rest of their lives, and nutrition is a really big part of that.” Plus, says Rebekah, “You can be goofy, talk in funny voices and hang out with super cute babies.”