Christine Sharp MS, RD, CNSC, LDN


Combining her background in neonatal/pediatric nutrition, maternal nutrition and nutrition support with her passion for cooking and baking, registered dietitian (RD) and certified nutrition support clinician (CNSC) Christine Sharp is an integral part of Feed to Succeed’s growing Culinary Coaching program.

“As we’re building our culinary coaching program, I have opportunities to work with families on my turf: the grocery store!” explains Christine. “Families learn so much as we’re pacing up and down aisles to make the best choices possible and I love giving them the tools so they can make similar choices when I’m not with them.”

Christine specializes in NICU follow-up, high-calorie infant/pediatric diets, food-based tube diets, failure to thrive (FTT) and medically complex children.

A proud wife and mother, Christine enjoys taking walks with her son, spending time with her family, long distance running and hosting big family meals at her home.

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  • Failure to Thrive (FTT)
  • Picky Eating
  • Tube Feeding/Nutrition Support
  • High Calorie Infant/Pediatric Diets
  • NICU Follow Up
  • Infant Reflux
  • Medically Complex Children
  • Culinary Coaching
  • Cooking Demonstrations