Chicago’s expert pediatric dietitian teams up with experienced teacher and culinary coach to bring you honest, informative and entertaining episodes on everything you need to know to raise healthy eaters.

During this 12 episode series, you will get to know our hosts, pediatric nutrition expert Betsy Hjelmgren and culinary coach and teacher Jen Karakosta, as they share their personal experiences as moms and delve into a variety of issues, including: how kids’ nutritional needs differ from adults, setting up an environment for successful family meals, prevention and solutions for the basic picky eater, getting your kids more involved and interested in food and nutrition, and more.

Both moms have worked and practiced in the field of food and nutrition for nearly 20 years. Their conversational, humorous banter will keep you engaged and coming back for more!

Episode 1: Welcome to the Feed to Succeed podcast

Episode 2: How Are Kids’ Nutrition Needs Different?

Episode 3: You’re Not a Short Order Cook